Zoom: A Book of Things That Go (Board Book) by Jennifer Frantz

Zoom: A Book of Things That Go (Board Book) by Jennifer Frantz 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Zoom: A Book of Things That Go (Board Book)
Jennifer Frantz
HarperFestival (2008)
ISBN 9780061128592
Reviewed by Cayden (age 3.5) and Max (age 19 months) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (4/08)


“Zoom: A Book of Things That Go” is an interactive board book that explores tractors, submarines, trains, fire trucks and everything that goes!  There are lots of tabs to pull, textures to feel, and wheels to turn.

Cayden:  “I like the top cover because it has wheels that can spin around and it is a dump truck!”

Cayden:  After we turned the page:  “Look!  It turned into a bulldozer!”

Cayden:  “There are tabs to pull!  Cool!”

Max:  “Pull!  Pull! Cool!”

Cayden:  While turning a wheel:  “A train!  Watch, I can make it go!  Chugga-chugga choo choo!”

Cayden:  While pulling a tab:  “Mom look!  I can make the building grow real tall!”

Cayden:  While turning another wheel:  “I can make the plane go in a circle!”

Cayden:  “Fire is coming out of the rocket!”

Parent’s comments:
The dump truck on the cover of “Zoom: A Book of Things That Go” immediately grabbed my children’s attention as they are fascinated with trucks.  Max, however, instantly pulled off one of the wheels while turning it a little over-zealously which made big brother Cayden angry.  While the majority of the book is pretty sturdy, the wheels on the front and the railroad track crossing arm are easy for a younger child to pull off like Max did.  After reattaching both we decided that this was not a book that Max could have on his own because he wasn’t careful enough yet.

The book is very stimulating as there is so much to do and look at.  Cayden had a lot of fun differentiating between things that were big and small, tall and short, and fast and slow, as the book suggests doing at the end.  He also enjoyed going through and counting the number of wheels on the different types of vehicles.  Max loved looking at the trucks and trains and, with assistance, making things move by pulling the tabs and turning the wheels.  They really enjoyed “Zoom: A Book of Things That Go” and wanted to read it over and over!

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