“Zealy and Whubba Go Fishing” by Roe DePinto

“Zealy and Whubba Go Fishing” by Roe DePinto 150 150 Reader Views Kids

zealyandwhubbagofishingZEALY AND WHUBBA GO FISHING

Roe De Pinto
Outskirts Press (2016)
ISBN 9781478771159
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 8) for Reader Views (09/16)

In “Zealy and Whubba Go Fishing” by Roe De Pinto, Zealy and Whubba were having another fun day together when Zealy asked Whubba to teach her how to catch a fish. But first, she needed to practice her swimming some more like her dad said. Whubba liked the idea of helping Zealy, and they practiced a lot of times. Zealy got upset but Whubba kept helping her until she got it. Zealy got faster and learned from Whubba and after awhile they finally had their picnic with all the fish they caught. They also went to get her Zealy’s dad so that he could also enjoy the fish and take some for her mom.

It is a very cute story that can teach the kids how important it is to listen to your parents. Zealy wanted to catch fish, but she needed to practice her swimming and be safe first, like her dad told her. I love how a good friend by your side is always so great. I like the pictures, the big letters, and the size of the book.

A note from Paola’s mom:

Paola loved the story and shared it with a class that she reads to once a week. They loved it, too!

“Zealy and Whubba Go Fishing” by Roe De Pinto is a beautiful story with a great message of how important is to build a good relationship with friends and especially with family. It is also a great lesson for the kids to listen to their parent’s advice on how to always be safe.

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