You’re A Brave Man, Daniel!: Daniel 1-6 by Kay Arthur and Janna Arndt

You’re A Brave Man, Daniel!: Daniel 1-6 by Kay Arthur and Janna Arndt 150 150 Reader Views Kids

You’re A Brave Man, Daniel!: Daniel 1-6
Kay Arthur and Janna Arndt
Harvest House Publishers (2001)
ISBN 9780736901475
Reviewed by Brianne Plach (age 10) for Reader Views (4/08)


Who is famous for getting thrown into a den of hungry lions but not get eaten? You probably have heard about Daniel in the Bible. If it was you or I that would be thrown into a lions’ den, we would most likely panic and know that we were going to die. But Daniel wasn’t worried? Why, because he knew God would help him. God wouldn’t let that happen to him unless it was his time to die and go to live with Jesus. This is just one of the tough situations that Daniel found himself in throughout his life.

The name Daniel means “judged by God.” Yes, Daniel was judged by God and how did he shape up? Daniel trusted in God through everything. God used him as an example of how we should be Christians through everything. What a great role model Daniel was for us. He always trusted in God above all things. We don’t have to be worried about our futures because it has been planned out by God.

Kay Arthur has created a Bible study for kids in studying the remarkable man Daniel. Sections of Holy Scripture are studied in details. “You’re a Brave Man, Daniel!” is a very easy-to-use and fun experience for kids 8-12 to learn more. I could easily see this book being used in a BibleSchool or Sunday School. There are word searches, puzzles and places to draw pictures throughout the book. You can personalize your experience by studying each page. You are bound to learn more about Daniel. By the time you’re done, when you are asked who Daniel was, you will be able to say more than “he’s that guy in the den of lions.” By studying him, perhaps you will be able to handle being bullied like he was by Nebuchadnezzar and knowing that God is with you to defend you from any bully.

Note from Brianne’s mother: For the last few months I have been attending a Bible class on the book of Daniel which Brianne attends with me. Through the use of “You’re a Brave Man, Daniel!,” she has been able to understand more about what is being said in Bible Class. It is my hope that she will be able to use him as an example when faced with difficult situations in her life too.

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