Young Revolutionaries Who Rock: An Insider’s Guide to Saving the World One Revolution at a Time
Dallas Jessup
Sutton Hart Press (2009)
ISBN 9780981502779
Reviewed by Neha N. Kashmiri (age 14) for Reader Views (5/09)


“Young Revolutionaries Who Rock” tells the stories of kids who are helping to make a difference in the world, all the while trying to convince the reader that they too can make a difference.

Dallas herself made the movie ‘Just Yell Fire!’ that has helped millions of girls learn how to prevent being abducted. Vasanth Kuppuswamy started an organization to provide an education to children in India. Austin Gutwein showed how many children lost their parents to AIDS in Africa by throwing 2,057 free throws. Pat Pedraja started helping minorities get bone marrow transplants… all the while recovering from chemotherapy himself. Dallas Jessup tells the stories of these amazing people and many more.  All the while the book is trying to show that it’s really easy to start your own revolution, and that it’s really simple to do so. Dallas shows you your rights, such as the right to get angry at injustice, your right to fix what’s broken and your right to change the world.

This is an inspirational book that makes you want to jump up and find something to fix in the world. It’s great motivation for someone who feels guilty that they don’t do more, but I honestly don’t think this book can convince someone who really doesn’t care enough to help. So like I said – if you want to help out and have no idea how to get started, check out “Young Revolutionaries Who Rock” by Dallas Jessup.


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