You Explore It: Human Body by Lucille M. Kayes

You Explore It: Human Body by Lucille M. Kayes 150 150 Reader Views Kids

You Explore It: Human Body
Lucille M. Kayes
ISBN 9781932855784
Reviewed by Evan (age 7) and Ben (age 10) Weldon and Mom for Reader Views (1/09)


“You Explore It: Human Body” by Lucille M. Kayes is a science kit which includes a book and a model of the human body along with tweezers and forceps to remove the body parts.  This kit looked so neat that we couldn’t wait to get started on it!

The book is 33-pages long and has sections about cells, the mouth, stomach and intestines, kidneys and bladder, the diaphragm, heart, lungs, skin, muscles, bone and brain.  Obviously it doesn’t go into depth on any body part but the author does provide interesting and sometimes funny facts.  There are some questions and answers including, “What are hiccups?” and “Why do you get a pain in your side when you run too far?”  The book also includes instructions for “dissecting” the model and for putting it back together.

The kit includes a 13-inch tall model of the human body.  There are 21 removable body parts including bones, muscles and organs.  The organs are soft and squishy and fun to play with.  You can pretend you are a surgeon and remove the parts with the included forceps and tweezers.  The illustrations in the instructions are not super clear and it is a bit tricky to get all the organs back in the proper place, especially since the organs are so floppy.  Nevertheless, it is a nice model to display on a bookshelf.

I would recommend this kit, “You Explore It: Human Body” by Lucille M. Kayes, for kids who want to learn more about the human body or who want to become doctors.  I think this would make a good Christmas or birthday present for kids from the ages of about seven to fourteen.  This kit was fun and interesting and I think lots of kids would like it.

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