You Build It: Shark Model (SMARTLAB) by David George Gordon

You Build It: Shark Model (SMARTLAB) by David George Gordon 150 150 Reader Views Kids

You Build It: Shark Model (SMARTLAB)
David George Gordon
ISBN 9781932855272
Reviewed by Ben Weldon (age 11) for Reader Views (1/09)


“You Build It: Shark Model” by David George Gordon is a science kit in which you get to build your own shark model.  It also has a book about sharks, “Guts and Glory,” which includes instructions for assembling the model.  When I got this kit, I could not wait to get it open and build the model.

The book is very interesting and has lots of cool facts.  It is sort of humorous and says interesting things like you are fifty-two times more likely to be bitten by a hamster than a shark.  The author talks about all kinds of sharks and how many (even the great white) are endangered.   It talks about present day sharks and the history of sharks.  The book says that sharks will eat almost everything and that once a shark had been found that had eaten a whole suit of armor.  In several other sharks they found everything from a cuckoo clock to lobster traps.  I really liked this book.

The kit was really cool and it was pretty easy to get the parts together.  The model has a “sharkskin” that is clear on one side, so even when it was complete you could still see all the parts.  The kit even came with a real shark tooth.

I would recommend this kit to people seven to fourteen-years-old.  “You Build It: Shark Model” by David George Gordon would make a good birthday or Christmas present.  This was a neat kit and I think that everyone who gets it will like it a lot.


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