You Build It: Door Alarm (SMARTLAB) by Paul Beck

You Build It: Door Alarm (SMARTLAB) by Paul Beck 150 150 Reader Views Kids

You Build It: Door Alarm (SMARTLAB)
Paul Beck
ISBN 9781932855388
Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 7) for Reader Views (1/09)

“You Build It: Door Alarm” is a science kit that includes a book, “Crack the Code” by Paul Beck, and equipment to build a really cool alarm.  When I got this kit, I couldn’t wait to build it and use the alarm to guard things from my brothers.

This is a very fun, easy-to-build door alarm.  My dad and I built it in about fifteen minutes.  My ten-year-old brother probably could have built it by himself, but this kit was mine!  You can stick this alarm on your door, but it is also very fun to put it next to things that you don’t want moved, so that the alarm will go off if the object is moved and you will know.  An example is putting the alarm next to a book that your want to finish before someone else starts it.  The alarm is easy to use and you can reprogram the code if someone else figures it out.  It is very fun to enter and change the code and set it off.

The book talks about codes during the time of Caesar.  They actually shaved their heads, tattooed their scalps and then waited for their hair to grow back before they journeyed to deliver the message.  It also talks about World War II and the Nazis using the Enigma code machine against the US and its allies.  It also talks about codes used today.  The book gives instruction to assemble the alarm and explains how to change the codes for the alarm.

I recommend “You Build It: Door Alarm” by Paul Beck for people who like to keep their rooms private without being disturbed and for people who like to perform tricks on other people. This would make a terrific birthday or Christmas present!  But make sure you also get the two AA batteries that are not included in the package.  Anyone who gets this kit will really like it.


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