You Are Weird: Your Body’s Peculiar Parts and Funny Functions
Diane Swanson
Kids Can Press (2009)
ISBN 9781554532834
Reviewed by Dylan James (age12) for Reader Views (7/09)


Would you like to know how many hairs you have? Maybe you want to know why you get goose bumps.  How about why your skin sheds millions of cells every day?  If these weird facts interest you then “You Are Weird” is definitely a book for you!  You will travel through the most strange and interesting facts about the human body in a fun and friendly way.  Your body is most definitely weird!  But so is everybody else’s!

“You Are Weird” is suitable for anyone able to read, and the younger readers will appreciate this book more than older readers.  As I read about some interesting facts, I noticed that all the material in this book is very kid friendly.  The weird or disgusting information is written in a great style and makes the reader feel at ease with what he is learning.  I think that boys will like this book more than girls, but girls can enjoy this also.

My favorite part of “You Are Weird” by Diane Swanson was learning about goose bumps.  Did you know only mammals could get goose bumps?  It is strange that these bumps were named after a bird!  Readers have to be ready for icky and gross facts about the human body, but if you are ready, then dive in!

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