WWRT: What Went Right Today? (with Journal & CD)
Joan Buzick and Lindy Judd
Buz-Land Presentations (2006)
ISBN 9780976699002
Reviewed by Elizabeth Rennert (age 6) for Reader Views (11/08)

I loved, loved, loved this book!  It has three parts — a story book that asks questions, and a journal, and a CD!

The pictures in the book are of real people, not animals.  The boy reads this same book that I have.  He imagines and talks about all the things that make him happy, all the good things that happen each day.

The book rhymes, and I can sing it so it matches the song on the CD.  I answer the questions if Mom or Dad read them to me, or I can read them myself and answer them.

I like to draw in the journal – things that make me happy and proud.  Sometimes it’s something that hasn’t happened, but it makes me happy to think about it.

I can listen to the CD in my room, or in the car.  We can sing the song even if we aren’t playing the music!

“WWRT: What Went Right Today?” by Joan Buzick and Lindy Judd is a good book that my parents or brother or sister can read to me.  A lot of the words I can read by myself, and I can sing the “What Went Right Today” song when I look at it.

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