“Wu Mo’s Day” by Dana Green and Terri Nicholson

“Wu Mo’s Day” by Dana Green and Terri Nicholson 1024 985 Reader Views Kids

Wu Mo’s Day

Dana Green and Terri Nicholson
Buddhist Text Translation Society (2023)
ISBN: 978-1642170542
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (11/2023)

In “Wu Mo’s Day: Life in a Buddhist Monastery” by Dana Green and Terri Nicholson, Wu Mo has committed his life to Buddha’s teachings.  As a Buddhist monk in a small monastery, this book shows Wu’s daily life as he lives a simple, peaceful, caring life. From the clothes he wears, repairs, and reuses to the chores he does. In the bustling kitchen, he writes notes to spiders to let them know that he will be cleaning and to watch out so he doesn’t hurt them. Even the praise for the Earth that brings him food and goodness, Wu Mo finds kindness in the world, living in peace and harmony amongst life. 

Choosing to live a monastic life, Wu Mo shows what his life looks like inside the monastery.  The lives of monks and nuns may look very similar in ways to the average person’s life and may look extremely different in other aspects, but the thoughts of loving-kindness and the prayers for health, happiness, and peace resonate with all. 

Authors Dana Green and Terri Nicholson have brought to the page an inside view of the monastery.  Dana Green is a Buddhist nun herself while Terri Nicholson founded Instilling Goodness School.  Together their writing brings an understanding that this simple life full of daily rituals and practices allows for learning and understanding of others.  The perspective Wu Mo shares with readers dives into his innermost thoughts and purpose.  He shares the Buddhist teachings, Dharma, the clinking of praise beads, the banging of the wooden fish, and the lighting of incense. 

Wu Mo’s story is made possible through the expert watercolor drawings of illustrator Blue Cedar.  Blue Cedar is also a Buddhist nun.  Her artwork creates a powerful final product.  From the gentle brush strokes, colorful nature, and artful portrayal of chores and study, “Wu Mo’s Day: Life in a Buddhist Monastery” is truly brought to life.  The pages are covered in art ranging from dull, drab, and focused studying and chores to bright, colorful, and peaceful depictions of nature. Even the water-colored Chinese characters in the background of the text layout add a unique feel to the story as if we are merely looking in on the full and peaceful life of Wu Mo.

Green, Nicholson, and Cedar have created a picture book that captures an understanding and perspective of others, drawing us in and leaving us feeling more at peace and harmony.

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