Wrong Way, Jonah! by Kay Arthur with Scott Domeij

Wrong Way, Jonah! by Kay Arthur with Scott Domeij 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Wrong Way, Jonah!
Kay Arthur with Scott Domeij
Harvest House Publishers (1999)
ISBN 9780736902038
Reviewed by Brianne Plach (age 10) for Reader Views (1/08)


Can you imagine being swallowed up by a big whale? How can being swallowed up by a whale be something God wants? Why would God ever have someone go through life inside a whale for three days? Let’s be investigative reporters and get the real story about Jonah and the big whale.

Come along and join in the investigation. First of all, we have to get the facts. Where can we be sure that we will get the truth? Let’s check out the Bible. If only we had someone or something to help us, after all, we are just kids. Wait, Kay Arthur and Scott Domeij have written a book which will help us understand the whole story about Jonah. “Wrong Way, Jonah!” will get us on the right track.

Do you know how to pray? Sure you know how to fold your hands and pray. Maybe you do it before meals or at bed. But did you know that there is a word you can remember when you are putting your prayer together. ACTS is one way to think about formatting your prayers, adoring your Lord, confessing your sins, thanking God for all He has done for you and supplicating (asking) God for what you want.

Completing “Wrong Way, Jonah!” is not like just any Sunday school assignment. This is a great book to complete and do the activities in it. There are some “Extra, extra” parts within this book, including Raindrop Art, which is very fun to do. This is a great book of a terrific series for any kids who want to learn more about the Holy Scripture and how it applies to them. I can’t wait till I can get more books in this series and learn more about the best book ever written. You will never think that Jonah is just another fish story! I love learning about God, and I loved this book.

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