Woof: A Love Story by Sarah Weeks

Woof: A Love Story by Sarah Weeks 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Woof: A Love Story
Sarah Weeks
HarperCollins (2009)
ISBN 9780060250072
Reviewed by Cayden Aures (age 5) and Mom for Reader Views (8/09)


In “Woof: A Love Story,” a dog falls in love with a cat but the cat can’t understand anything that he is saying since the cat doesn’t understand barking.  He is eventually able to express how he feels through music.

Cayden:  “I liked seeing the dog in the beginning doing all of the things that our dog does like sniff around and roll in things!  I like when the cat sees the dog and the dog has big sharp teeth and looks kind of scary.  Then the cat ran up the tree.  I think that maybe a girl would like the rest of the book when the dog is trying to say he loves the cat but I didn’t like it all that much.”

Parent’s comments:
As my son said, he liked the beginning of “Woof: A Love Story” by Sarah Weeks, but really wasn’t that much into the lovey-dovey part that made up the rest of the book.  I think that the verses like “He had all of these powerful feelings inside, so strong and deep that they could not be denied.” were a little too much for a 5-year-old boy although he is within the intended age group of 4-8.  Perhaps a little girl may enjoy the book more.


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