“Woodland. Family Portrait” by Art Lionson

“Woodland. Family Portrait” by Art Lionson 640 1024 Reader Views Kids

Woodland. Family Portrait

Art Lionson
Publishdrive (2023)
ISBN: 979-8988414339
Reviewed by Rachel Dehning for Reader Views (07/2023)

In 2043 things may not be as different as one might think. Jason and Eddie Woodland live with their parents and two younger siblings, Cody and Mia, in a decent house with enough food and the skills and drive to obtain any job; however, like individuals and families in 2023 and throughout history, they are only scraping by due to job insecurity, economic regression, and family health issues. The family understands they are a unit that must work together to survive, but when Cody gets mixed up with the wrong crowd, they attempt to fix his mistake. Eddie and Jason find themselves suffering for the choices and actions of others while altering the trajectory of their lives and those around them. There are questions, truths, mysteries, allies, and enemies within every situation and individual.

“Woodland. Family Portrait” by Art Lionson is a coming-of-age story that explores the lengths one may take to protect those they love and care for. The flow of the storyline is smooth as situations and events contain details and wording to pull at the reader’s emotions. Despite the slightly futuristic setting, there are no unknown items or mysterious events that would confuse the reader. The storyline contains characters relatable to readers of any generation who have undergone comparable events or struggle with similar emotions and situations. These elements are more real to our current way of life than some readers would prefer. The author ties events from beginning to end, which assists the reader in remembering or informing them of happenings and their importance. The reader is warned of triggers – violence, and language are found initially and persist throughout, along with trauma related to childhood illness and the sense of having no control of your life.

“Woodland. Family Portrait” is exciting, engaging, and sure to be a hit.  It contains principles found in many current hit action movies – revenge, justice, and control. Parts of the story have the potential to be more difficult than others, evident by the tug on your heartstrings or the conscious effort to avoid imagining scenes in their glory/gore.

I would recommend “Woodland. A Family Portrait” by Art Lionson to readers who enjoy action, a solid story from start to finish, or “sticking it to the Man.” Lionson delivers a “twofer” by providing a stellar work of art while expanding the knowledge and experience of his readers by speaking more broadly about a character’s situation while being insightful for the reader.


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