“Wispwood Chronicles” by Adria Knudson

“Wispwood Chronicles” by Adria Knudson 663 1024 Reader Views Kids

Wispwood Chronicles 

Adria Knudson
Red Dirt Road Publishing (2023)
ISBN:  979-8989458516
Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views (11/2023)

“Wispwood Chronicles” by Adria Knudson is an exciting fantasy adventure for middle-grade readers who love mystical creatures and stories about friendship. Four friends Lily, Theo, Noah, and Ella take on secrets and danger in a magical way in Wispwood, a town full of mysterious discoveries and clues. Within this tale, there is a long-lost treasure, the bond of friendship, and the notion that children can be heroes.

Knudson gets to the heart of what children love to read about–mystery, friendship, and adventure–but adults who grew up reading fantasy books as children can love this one, too. The worldbuilding that this author does is impressive and sets the stage for mystery and friendship to unfold. The town of Wispwood and the enchanted forest hold magic and secrets that keep the pages turning. But this is more than an adventure story. We find noble themes here, like honor, friendship, and peace; so, in a way, this is a character-driven story where children take center stage in their fight for justice.

This author shows wisdom and talent in having children confront their fears and take on challenges, and young readers will connect with these characters. There are life lessons here in the story, but they are wrapped in fun, mystery, and friendship. One of my favorite parts of the book is how the characters find out they are stronger than they realize and take on formidable forces. Another favorite part is the pirate treasure hunt through the tunnels of The Grotto. It’s a race against time to solve this mystery, and it will test the characters in ways they never could have realized.

The author wastes no words as the adventure jumps from the first page–a frantic chase along a cobblestone street that ends in the arms of a vampire. The suspense and mystery just keep building from there. The dynamic, natural dialogue in this book holds the attention and drives the story, as do the detailed descriptions, and the smooth pace is rhythmic and energetic.

This story has everything a fantasy adventure fan could want and really stirs the imagination. For an enchanting middle-grade novel about magic and friendship from a gifted storyteller, “Wispwood Chronicles” by Adria Knudson is a must-read.

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