“Wishapick” by M.M. Allen

“Wishapick” by M.M. Allen 150 150 Reader Views Kids


WishapickM. M. Allen
CreateSpace (2015)
ISBN 9781508437178
Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 13) for Reader Views (10/15)

“Wishapick” by M. M. Allen is a book about Jack and his younger sister Lilly. After their father dies, Jack becomes obsessed with finding out what is in the black trunk that his father left behind. When Lilly finds the key to the trunk, Jack springs at the opportunity, opens the trunk, and is immediately sucked into the world of Wishapick. When Lilly, who was peeking, sees her brother being sucked into the trunk, she immediately goes to help and is sucked into Wishapick as well. Jack is soon confronted by the evil king of Wishapick, a gigantic rattlesnake called O’Sirus, and learns that, without his help, Wishapick will be plunged into darkness once and for all. Will Jack be willing to help and will he be able to remember the true name of the Breath of All Things Good, the only thing that can save Wishapick?

My favorite character was Winston, a wise wolf who was one of the first animals to help Jack on his quest for the Breath of All Things Good. Winston was smart and a good tactician, looked up to by most of the other animals of Wishapick to help bring down O’Sirus.  This book had a lot of characters and some of them were not very well developed which made it hard to keep track of all of them.  The characters often acted in ways that were contrary to their personalities, and though the story was somewhat unbelievable at times, people who like books about animals and magic will enjoy reading “Wishapick” by M.M. Allen.

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  • MM Allen

    Evan – Thank you for your review. I loved my character, Winston, he is certainly entertaining and quite the “go to person” to get something done. MM Allen

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