Wings by Aprilynne Pike

Wings by Aprilynne Pike 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Aprilynne Pike
HarperTeen (2009)
ISBN 9780061668036
Reviewed by Hillary Krajewski (age 15) for Reader Views (5/09)


Laurel’s life is pretty normal – as normal as life can get for a teenage girl.  She’s starting at a new school, after being home-schooled her entire life, making new friends, and adjusting to her new life in her new town.  But when she wakes up with a giant flower growing out of her back, she starts to wonder about where she really came from and more importantly, how she’s going to hide it from her parents.  This flower is just the first change in her life, she’s about to be introduced to a part of the world she didn’t think existed.  Laurel is not just a normal girl anymore.

“Wings” is the best new start to a series I’ve read in 2009.  It was better than I expected, and I was expecting a lot.  Aprilynne Pike is a very talented writer.  The story flowed well throughout the whole book and all the characters seemed very realistic.  I’m usually not a fan or faeries but this was a fantastic new approach to the idea.  Laurel was a great character.  I love how her name tied into the story in a somewhat unexpected way.  Tamani and David were amazing in every way possible.

“Wings” by Aprilynne Pike is the first book in what is expected to be a four-book series.  This book has earned a permanent spot on my Favorites Bookshelf.  Go out and buy it as soon as possible.  You won’’ be disappointed!

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