Why Not Me? by Lowell E. Boulden

Why Not Me? by Lowell E. Boulden 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Why Not Me?
Lowell E. Boulden
AuthorHouse (2008)
ISBN 9781438915050
Reviewed by Grace Schaefer (age 8) for Reader Views (5/09)


“Why Not Me?” is a book of poems – poems that give you choices of what you can be when you grow up, from ballerinas to doctors to astronauts.  There are fifteen poems.

My favorite is the poem called “The Ballerina” (because I am a ballerina).

To be a ballerina

Is just what I desire

I’ll leap, twirl and twinkle

And set your souls on fire

It will take years of hard work

To fulfill my dream

But then one day in Europe

I’ll dance before the Queen

There are wonderful pictures to go with each poem in “Why Not Me?,” by Lowell E. Boulden.  They look like speckles of color.  The poems are quick to read.


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