Why Do Flies Eat Doggy Poop? and Other Poems by L. W. Lewis

Why Do Flies Eat Doggy Poop? and Other Poems by L. W. Lewis 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Why Do Flies Eat Doggy Poop? and Other Poems
L. W. Lewis
Red Pumpkin Press (2009)
ISBN 9780971157200
Reviewed by Sophia (age 6.5) and Madeline (age 8) McElroy for Reader Views (9/09)


Sophia:  This book has lots of funny poems except for two in the “Not Too Funny Section.” “Mother Is Cooking Liver” is the grossest poem in the book! “Things I Have Done” is the funniest poem. Some of the poems are funny and some are really, really funny.  There are some really hilarious ones too. The drawing are good, some of them are very funny.

Madeline: I think this book of poems is very funny. My favorite poem and picture is “The Ugly Little Boy,” because at first the poem sounds really mean and at the end you find out the poem is really about the person writing it. Another funny poem is “Mitch’s Birthday.” I think this is funny because it is about a baby having cake and he spills it all over his body!

Parent Comment: Wow, I find “Why Do Flies Eat Doggy Poop? and Other Poems” a tad bit offensive! We don’t say the word U-G-L-Y in our house and that is how the kids read the word in some of the poems in this book. They love the “My Barbie” poem that ends with “Now I call her ‘Barbie-Que’” after the little brother was playing with matches and she caught on fire! They seemed to enjoy the humor quite a bit, but sadly it’s mostly just crude humor that I wouldn’t ordinarily have them waste their time reading. I suppose if they had shared only a couple of the poems with me it might not have seemed so bad. However, this book containing over 111 gibberish-filled pages, was more than I could stand!

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