Who Rang the Church Bell? by Edward Hujsak

Who Rang the Church Bell? by Edward Hujsak 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Who Rang the Church Bell?
Edward Hujsak
Mina-Helwig Company (2000)
ISBN 9781886133044
Reviewed by Sophia (age 6) and Madeline (age 7.5) McElroy for Reader Views (1/09)


Sophia: This is a very, very good book about three mice. They lived in the church and ate cookie crumbs. Then one day the church was closed and the preacher locked the doors. The mice were afraid they were going to starve so they came up with an idea. They rang the bell for two nights trying to get the people back to church so they would have crumbs to eat again. They stuffed paper in their ears so it wouldn’t hurt their ears!

My favorite part of the story is when the preacher is yelling at everyone to get out of the church, it was so funny! This is also my favorite picture because the preacher looks nutty and funny. Alvin is my favorite mouse; he is the oldest, strongest and bravest. Another funny part of the story is when the mice were watching from a window while the choir was eating and dropping crumbs. It is so cute when the mice collect the crumbs in a little brown jug.

Madeline: This is a book about three mice who want to help the people come back to church. So, they put paper in their ears and all pulled together to ring the bell and wake up the villagers. All the people thought it was sign from God to go back to church because the preacher kicked everybody out of church because not enough people were attending services.

I enjoyed reading this very funny book. This is a really good story. The picture of the church on the back of the book is beautiful.

My favorite part of “Who Rang the Church Bell?” by Edward Hujsak is when all the mice ate the crumbs in the brown jug. I like when the mice are ringing the bell to get the people back to church. The people wouldn’t be able to learn more about God if it wasn’t for the mice. That is why it is my favorite part. It was silly when the story told about the people munching and cookie crumbs would fall to the floor where the mice were waiting to collect them. I wonder if there are mice under the tables after our Communion dinners at our church.

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