“Who Knew the Storm” by Josephine Draycott

“Who Knew the Storm” by Josephine Draycott 683 1024 Reader Views Kids

Who Knew the Storm

Josephine Draycott
Independently Published (2022)
ISBN: ??979-8412072623
Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (09/2023)

With a plot that is loosely based on Frances Hodgson Burnett’s prominent kid’s book, ”The Secret Garden,” Josephine Draycott strives to substantiate that everything in life is correlated, through her fascinating science-fiction fantasy “Who Knew the Storm.”

Mary’s bones are getting frigid from an impulsive wind that is blowing through the garden. She is joined by Colin and Dickon to inspect a dark and mysterious object that she found lying beneath the ravishing roses. Dark clouds are quickly converging, and the atmosphere is freezing tremendously. A torrential rainfall soaks them as they curiously scrutinize a trickle of reddish-hued water that unexpectedly spews out of the mysterious thing. Before the trio can begin to weave their minds around the puzzle, a monumental bolt of lightning sweeps them off their feet, sending them to a foreign space where people glisten and shine, while others change color as their moods shift.

Draycott takes readers to the land of the Transylvanians, a four-eyed populace that has been domesticated, civilized, and made everything they are by the highly esteemed god of Beauty and Rebirth, Baldursson. People are talking about the strange visitors, and creepy details are emerging about Baldursson’s arrival, which, like the trio’s, was by lightning. A female scientist feels that she has at last gotten her hands on a project that might make her a name in the male-dominated world of science after she derives a means of travel, from one spot to another without rambling in the hazes of time and expanse.

With great attention to detail, Draycott has formulated a unique cohabitation between two species from two distinct spheres. In two explicit parts, the tale brings on board children’s characters who develop and grow into decent grown-ups. Emotions are high and the atmosphere is charged with anxiety as they regroup to join forces with unlikely allies for the unearthing of an ancient suspicion. Personalities such as Petra will inspire readers to view obstacles differently, to see and embrace them as opportunities for creativity and ideation.

“Who Knew the Storm” by Josephine Draycott is a winner in the young reader’s sci-fi and fantasy category, standing out as a thoroughly relevant read for the development of a youngster’s imagination and discernment. The ending will induce a smile on your child’s face, as a dangerous and involuntary venture culminates into a breathtaking and rewarding voyage.

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