“Where is Sissy?” by Robin R. Lowe

“Where is Sissy?” by Robin R. Lowe 150 150 Reader Views Kids


Robin R. Lowe
Outskirts Press (2015)
ISBN 9781478738947
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 8) for Reader Views (01/16)

“Where is Sissy?” by Robin R. Lowe is about two sisters that are playing hide and seek, Sissy the youngest sister, is the first to hide and she was nowhere to be found; only clues were left all over her path. Her big sister looked and looked, but could not guess where Sissy was, even though Sissy kept leaving clues.

This is a very cute story about two sisters who are having fun playing my favorite game, and I love how Sissy tricked her big sister. I like all the pictures very much. Hide and seek is a favorite game of many kids, and you will love were Sissy was found.

I am sure many kids will enjoy “Where is Sissy?” by Robin R. Lowe, and following all the colors and shapes that Sissy leaves as clues for us to find where she is hiding.

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