“Where Archie Belongs” by Michelle J. Choi

“Where Archie Belongs” by Michelle J. Choi 1024 788 Reader Views Kids

Where Archie Belongs

Michelle J. Choi
Lumiere Picturebook (2022)
ISBN: 978-1952322044
Reviewed by Kathy Stickles for Reader Views (01/2024)

I love any tale about animals and Where Archie Belongs is just a wonderful story. While Michelle J. Choi wrote the book, according to her statement on the last page, to show that every dog out there deserves a home, I found another important point in the book… everyone (and every dog) is special in their own way and they just need to find that out for themselves. I think that the author has made both points very well in this story about the very loveable Archie.

At the beginning of Where Archie Belongs this little dog finds himself in a very fancy pet store where he is quickly adopted by a little girl who gives him everything he could possibly want… a nice home, food, and toys. Archie is so happy because he feels like he belongs and will always be cared for. Unfortunately for Archie, he is not cared for forever and soon ends up being tossed back into the street, picked up, and taken to the local animal shelter next door to the fancy pet store. In the dirty and cold shelter, Archie tries to figure out what he did wrong and why his owner no longer loved him. He spends most of his time comparing himself to the other dogs and trying to figure out why he is not special to people.

One day a group of children come to the shelter with books and start to read to the dogs there. Archie loves being read to by this new little boy, even though he has no idea what the boy is saying, and he sits and listens to every word. He is very sad when the little boy leaves, but the next day a new lady comes and takes Archie out of the shelter to live at the library. Archie has finally found out what makes him special.

In Where Archie Belongs,” young author Michelle J. Choi has created a success. I have reviewed other books by this author/illustrator, and I am impressed every time. She creates adorable stories that make a point and leave a fabulous impression on the young children reading them. In addition, she also does her own illustrations, and they are adorable, fitting the story so very well. I think that this story has some of the greatest pictures I have ever seen in a picture book, and I am always impressed with her art.

Where Archie Belongs is a great story for all children and animal lovers out there. Archie is beyond cute and shows that coming from a shelter is not a bad thing. While fancy pet stores may attract many people, it is the animals in the shelter that really need a home and have so much to offer all of us. I highly recommend this book to all.

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