What’s Your Sound Hound the Hound? (Cat the Cat) By Mo Willems

What’s Your Sound Hound the Hound? (Cat the Cat) By Mo Willems 150 150 Reader Views Kids

What’s Your Sound Hound the Hound? (Cat the Cat)
Mo Willems
Balzer +Bray (2010)
ISBN 9780061728440
Reviewed by Madison (age 4) and Hailey (age 2) Schlarman and Mom for Reader Views (05/10)

Mo Willems again brings Cat the cat to young readers, and introduces them to the sounds animals make.  The book is loads of fun until you meet Bunny the bunny, who makes no sound and needs a hug from all her friends.

Madison: “Hounds don’t do that!  That’s a dog!”

Hailey:  Laughed and laughed repeating the animal sounds.  Mooooo!  At the end she said “aww” to the hug.

Mom:  I loved the color and illustrations of this book.  Both of my girls were thrilled with the first part of the book, where Cat the cat asks all the animals what their sound is, and the animals stop what they are doing to reply.  Hailey thought it was hilarious and repeated each sound.  The book was wonderful until Bunny the bunny.  Here my children lost interest.  They thought it was sweet for all the friend to hug Bunny the bunny at the end, however, it left us wishing there were more animals before Bunny, and that the with no words could have been left out and not missed.  There was a ton of enjoyment for the first half of this book and then it just dropped off.  I think this book would be a wonderful tool for teaching children the sounds animals make if there were more included.

Also, Madison thought Hound should have been Dog.  I think this was fair, seeing most children do not call dogs hounds.  I did explain that it was another name for a dog, especially certain families of dogs, but it didn’t really go over well.  Overall we enjoyed “What’s Your Sound Hound the Hound?,” just mostly the first half rather than the last.

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