What’s It Like, Living Green?: Kids Teaching Kids, by the Way They Live
Jill Ammon Vanderwood
BookSurge (2009)
ISBN 9781439224779
Reviewed by Brenna Bales (age 11) for Reader Views (5/02)


“What’s It Like, Living Green?” has inspired me to make a difference, and will inspire many others. I have already begun doing things to conserve water, save the rainforest, recycle, and help the atmosphere. There are easy ways to help, and a lot of them are fun and require little ENERGY. The quiz at the beginning of the book assists you in finding out whether or not you need to do better, or if you have been very supportive to our mother earth.

Some people who have lent a hand to our planet, or have aided in someone’s ability to get fresh resources, have been featured in this book. Many people out there may turn off there light when they leave their room, but they can do WAY more. The book encourages you with great tips that involve low-cost items to make a difference in your neighborhood or even city. Maybe you even want to go further and help your state; or even further with your country.

The letters in the book have lots of perspective, and keep you informed on what is happening, and what they have done that you can do too.  Even young kids can help, and they are usually motivated by their older siblings who have also made a difference. The older sibling will set a good example, and the younger brother or sister will follow in their footsteps. Many of the world’s most moving organizations have been founded by children including Kids F.A.C.E, Devon Green’s recycling company in Florida, and Ryan Hreljac’s foundation to build wells for people who have to walk several miles each day for fresh water.

“You’re too young,” or “Wait until you’re older,” may come out of some adult’s mouths when their child speaks about making a difference. I am 11-years-old and since reading “What’s It Like, Living Green?” by Jill Ammon Vanderwood, I have been going throughout the house turning off all of the lights I can and turning the heat down at least three degrees, for it has been WAY high up.  I’ve also been planting tomatoes, strawberries, peppers, and other plants, so much that my family has been getting pretty annoyed with it. However a children’s idea may affect others to make a difference! So if you can provoke your children to make a difference by reading, then they will be the ones who save our earth!

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