What Sisters Do Best/What Brothers Do Best
Laura Numeroff
Chronicle Books (2009)
ISBN 9780811865456
Reviewed by Sophia McElroy (age 7) for Reader Views (02/10)

I think this is a funny and happy book. The illustrations were good and some of them were kind of cute too. I liked the part of the story when the brothers are doing a puzzle and it has over 1,000 pieces. I never had a puzzle with 1,000 pieces! I’ve built clay with my sister; she also helps me clean up my room. My brother also lets me win tick tack toe. Aren’t sisters and brothers nice? My sister takes me to the library. I made music with my sister too. I played pretend with her a lot. My sister practices with me while I’m doing soccer practice. This book, “What Sisters Do Best/What Brothers Do Best” by Laura Numeroff helps me think of new do stuff with my brother and sister. Sisters and brothers are sooooooooooooo nice.

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