“What I See is Love” by Gabriella Fiorletta

“What I See is Love” by Gabriella Fiorletta 824 1024 Reader Views Kids

What I See is Love

Gabriella Fiorletta
Mascot Kids (2023)
ISBN:  978-1637553060
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (07/2023)

Told from the perspective of a young girl, in Gabriella Fiorletta’s “What I See is Love,” readers are taken through an otherwise mundane daily routine.  However, as this young girl goes about her activities, we are reminded that what we are seeing is love.

From her mother’s good morning kiss to the school drop-off, recess with friends, lunchtime, school pick-up, and even bath time every step of the way we are seeing love.  Ending each page with “what I see is love” author Gabriella Fiorletta reminds parents, children, and siblings alike to remember to embrace the little moments and the people around us.  We are surrounded by love, even if it may not look like the flamboyant displays of affection we see in the media, we can find love, and see love, every day if we just look for it.

I loved that the author showed love in many forms.  On one page she shows our main character’s father heading off to military duty, showing his love for our country.  Kids of all abilities are shown as being included, showing love for others that may look or get around differently.  Neighborly love is on full display when a friend stops by.  There are so many different examples of love sprinkled throughout these pages, it is truly a well-rounded, and well-representative read.

Beautifully illustrated with fun detail and bright colors, Nyrryl Cadiz has brought this story to life through her depictions and scenery.  Taking readers from the breakfast table to the schoolyard and back, Cadiz has expertly created relatable scenes and attractive color schemes.

My kids and I had fun reading this book, finding different things within the pictures, talking about what love looks like to them, and explaining how sometimes the things we take for granted daily are the very essence of the love surrounding them.  “What I See is Love” is an extraordinary reminder to enjoy the daily, little things, the favorite cookies baked, the time you get together to drive to and from school, and the ways in which people show their love in different ways every day.  Thank you, Gabriella Fiorletta, for reminding us all that love surrounds us every day, we just need to look up to see it.




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