What Bird? by Cherie Zendarski

What Bird? by Cherie Zendarski 150 150 Reader Views Kids

What Bird?
Cherie Zendarski
Bouncing Ball Books (2006)
ISBN 9781934138007
Reviewed by Cayden (age 3.5), Max (age 19 months) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (4/08)


“What Bird?” is the story about Finnigan the cat who swallows the pet canary.  The book starts with a sad-looking Finnigan and a fallen bird cage.  After questioning for awhile as to where and why the bird has gone, it is determined that the cat swallowed the bird.  The story does end happily though with a trip to the AnimalHospital.

Cayden:  “Why is that bird on the cat’s head?  Let’s read the book and find out!”

Cayden:  “Why is the cat so sad?”

Max:  “Sad!”

Cayden:  “Where is the bird?”

Cayden:  “He ate the bird??  How did he open the cage?”

Cayden:  “Why is the cat purple?”

Cayden:  Looking at the x-ray page:  “How will she get the bird out of the cat’s belly?  If she puts her hand in there it will get eaten too!

Cayden:  Determining that the cat’s ribs look like a tree on the x-ray:  “Why is there a tree in the cat’s belly?”

Parent’s comments:
“What Bird?” is a unique story that held my children’s attention from start to finish.  The book also teaches a good lesson about telling the truth.   The illustrations are very captivating and we spent a lot of time on each page looking at everything.  Although the ending is a little unrealistic, it is perfect for a children’s book as the more realistic outcome for this situation would not be so good.

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