Michael Joffroy
Halo Publishing International (2018)
ISBN 9781612446394
Reviewed by Alyvia (age 10) for Reader Views Kids (8/18)

“Wex’s Wacky Adventure to Koma Keone Island” by Michael Joffroy is an adventure story about a pug named Wex.

Wex loved to play with all his friends on their boat as they headed out on an adventure. One day Chloe the cat started to feel sick and all the animals did not know what to do. They had to come up with a plan to get help for their poor sick friend.  Everyone was trying to figure out what to do when Wex the pug joked,” throw Chloe overboard, that will fix it.” All of Wex’s friends were so mad at him, they decided one night to put him in a rowboat and send Wex away for good.

When Wex woke up the boat his friends were nowhere to be found. What had he done to deserve this? He felt bad about what he said about Chloe and wished he could tell her he was sorry. Wex realized his boat was not moving and that he had landed on an island. He was very hungry, so he set out to search for something to eat. While searching for food he came upon a lizard named O’ddo who helps him find food and agrees to get him back to his friends.

“Wex’s Wacky Adventure to Koma Keone Island” by Michael Joffroy is a short story about a Pug named Wex, who realizes not everything is a joke and he regrets saying things he should not have, which leads his friends to abandon him at sea.

I liked the brightly colored illustrations and the different animal characters that were chosen for the story. I would have liked the storyline to tell more about the animals and spend more time on the boat as they were setting out on their adventure. When Wex got to the island I would have been interested in reading more about the characters there and their way of life.

I liked how Wex realized he had made a mistake when saying mean things about Chloe being sick, and he wanted to say he was sorry. I think “Wex’s Wacky Adventure to Koma Keone Island” by Michael Joffroy would be something I would like to continue to follow, especially if it had more details in the storyline about some of the other characters he meets along the way.

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