C.R. Norris
Outskirts Press (2017)
ISBN 9781478785989
Reviewed by Emily Sutton (age 16) for Reader Views Kids (1/18)

“Wasp on the Wind” by C.R. Norris is the second book in her Wasp Chronicles series. It is the continuing story of two high school band geeks, Chris and Bruce, who, in the first book, “The Wasp’s Nest” suddenly found themselves transported into a different time. The two friends, and several other band members were “rifted” by the Taders and, if selected had to commit to training.  While Chris was selected, Bruce was not, and the two traveled on very different paths.

Now three years later, both Chris and Bruce have been assigned missions that will be challenging to pull off, to say the least. Readers are on a wild ride following Chris and Bruce as they overcome many obstacles in the way of completing their missions, their paths crossing once again.

Not having read the first book in the series, I still found “Wasp on the Wind” to be an intriguing story full of action with a fast pace, a unique storyline and a well-built apocalyptic world.  It’s apparent the author spent quite some time with world-building, and while I found the novel to be a good standalone book, I would like to go back and read the first novel to get the full scope of the world the author has built.

Chris was probably my favorite character as I found her to genuine and relatable for her role in the story.  I found Bruce to be a strong character as well. Though I did have a bit of trouble keeping up with the many other characters in the story, as they were not major players, it did not take me out of the action.

Overall, I found “Wasp on the Wind” by C.R. Norris to be a great story I can highly recommend to teen and young adult sci-fi fans.  I would however, recommend reading the Wasp Chronicles series in order for maximum entertainment benefit!

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