Warriors: Power of Three #3 Outcast by Erin Hunter

Warriors: Power of Three #3 Outcast by Erin Hunter 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Warriors: Power of Three #3 Outcast
Erin Hunter
HarperTrophy (2009)
ISBN 9780060892104
Reviewed by Ben Weldon (age 11) for Reader Views (6/09)


“Warriors: Power of Three #3 Outcast” by Erin Hunter is the story of three cats Jaypaw, Hollypaw, and Lionpaw.  All three are apprentices in ThunderClan.  When two strange cats suddenly appear in the ThunderClan camp, everyone is surprised.  The strangers (who are from the Tribe of Rushing Water) tell of some strange rogue cats that are invading their territory.  When the ThunderClan leader Firestar decides to help the Tribe, Jaypaw, Hollypaw, and Lionpaw are ecstatic when they are allowed to go help.  But when they reach the Tribes home, not everything is as it seems.  All these mysterious secrets can be dangerous in the wrong hands, but who can be trusted with them?  Will ThunderClan be successful in its mission to help the Tribe, or will they be ripped to pieces by the claws of the invaders?

The Tribe of Rushing Water has problems.  Firstly, a band of rogue cats has invaded their territory and the second problem is the rogues are stealing their prey.  Now nearly starved, the Tribe’s last resort is to ask ThunderClan to help them rid their territory of the rogues.  But in the meantime ThunderClan is being menaced by offensive moves from the other clans.  Will ThunderClan be able to help the Tribe, or will the Tribe be slowly starved from their homeland?

Erin Hunter has written many Warriors books (a whole three series) about four clans of cats that have constantly changing alliances and even wars.  The cats’ ultimate enemy is the twolegs (humans) who have destroyed the cats’ original habitat and continue to terrorize the cats and threaten them with monsters (cars, bulldozers etc…).  The books were all very good and were so well written that you can just pick this one up and read it without having read the preceding books.  This book, like all her others, ends with a cliff hanger and you will be reaching for the next book.  An interesting factoid about Erin Hunter is that she is not one but three people.  That’s why the Warriors books keep coming out very speedily.

I would recommend “Warriors: Power of Three #3 Outcast” by Erin Hunter to people who like animals (especially cats).  I really liked this book.  Once I read the first few pages I could not stop reading.  This was a good book and I think that readers will find it intriguing and suspenseful.

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