“Wally the Wake-Up Pup” Nicoli Carr

“Wally the Wake-Up Pup” Nicoli Carr 824 1024 Reader Views Kids

Wally the Wake-Up Pup

Nicoli Carr
Mascot Kids (2023)
ISBN: 978-1637555828
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (11/2023)

Wally is a shaggy-haired, grey pup with a big job to do.  As the first to wake up, he has the responsibility of waking up each individual within the house in “Wally the Wake-Up Pup” by Nicoli Carr.  From the cat to his parents and all his human siblings, even the sun sometimes needs a little wake-up bark from him, it’s exhausting.

Wally takes his job very seriously.  Each individual has a unique wake-up need, some get gentle licks while others require blanket pulling, tower crashing, and loud reminders that it’s time to wake up.  Once all his humans and cat are awake, Wally moves outside to loudly announce to the sun it is time for it to rise and shine as well, before he falls back asleep from the eventful morning and hard responsibility of getting the house ready for the day.

Author Nicoli Carr has created an extremely relatable sequence of events for every dog lover to enjoy.  There is nothing more hysterical than a dog who is exhausted from waking up the whole house.  Carr has made Wally into such a fun character.  From his small build to his shaggy hair and diligent tactics for waking up each family member, Wally has a personality of his own.  Approaching each sibling in a unique manner, readers can just feel the annoyance and giggles of each as they are woken up, from sloppy kisses to Wally’s wet nose and loud barks, this is a fun read for families both with and without dogs.

Illustrator Hv Helmut did an amazing job bringing “Wally the Wake-Up Pup” to life.  The scenery moves from room to room and is so realistic in capturing each human’s personality and rosing cheeks.  From Meg’s blanket-strewn canopy bed to Charlie’s block tower-covered rug, and even the fun and bright outdoors, the colors and the happiness of Wally spill off the page.  You can’t help but smile and have as much fun reading this book as Wally is having waking up his family.  

The kids and I laughed as Wally went back to sleep.  Carr and Helmut had us laughing, barking, and pointing at pictures as we were too wound up from Wally to go to sleep ourselves.

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