Vocabulary Power: Grade K: 150 Sight Words to Build Reading Skills
Audrey Carangelo
Play Bac (2007)
ISBN 9781602140219
Reviewed by Conner (age 4) and Mom for Reader Views (3/08)

These 150 sight words are common words that are instantly recognized while reading; they are presented in an easy-flip format that can stand on its own, like a word-of-the-day calendar. Each word is presented on its own page, accompanied by an illustration to learn its usage and a full sentence to show it in context. It also lists rhyming family words on the page.

“What do you think of this word builder?”
“I like it a lot. I like the pictures.”

“Are the words easy to remember?”
“No, but I like it when you read to me.”

“Do you know what the pictures are trying to say?”
“Some of them are funny.”

Parent’s comments:
I think that “Vocabulary Power: Grade K” is a great tool and like the word-of-the-day format. My son is at a stage where he likes to rush through things, so I’m not sure if he’ll remember word 4 when he’s asked for so many that we find ourselves suddenly on word 30.  But the introduction of rhyming word families helps him visualize how some words are subsets of larger words and that letter order is important when making words.

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