Victor and the Sun Orb by Amy Nielsen

Victor and the Sun Orb by Amy Nielsen 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Victor and the Sun Orb
Amy Nielsen
iUniverse (2008)
ISBN 9780595512126
Reviewed by Ben Hartman (age 11) for Reader Views (8/09)


“Victor and the Sun Orb” is a brilliant fantasy book about sun fairies by Amy Nielsen.  Much of the story takes place in the fairy kingdom of Solandia, where there are mythical creatures such as croogs and talking animals, and the people have magical powers.  All of their magic and powers are based on one item – the Sun Orb, a crystal ball that is bright yellow and looks like the sun.  Although they can see the human world below them, they are not allowed to interfere or interact with it.  The main character in the book is Victor, the newborn fairy prince.  His mother and father, Kind Godfred and Queen Magenta, are the rulers of the magic kingdom of Solandia.  The book revolves around Victor’s quest in the human world to retrieve the Sun Orb from two evil people, Thorkel and Narcissa, so the sun fairies can survive.

The book starts when the news is spread around that Victor, the fairy prince, has been born.  King Godfred and Queen Magenta throw a large Baptismal Ceremony.  While the King and Queen are opening Victor’s presents the next day, they see a silver present with a red silken bowtie.  A crystal ball inside it falls to the ground and smashes.  It releases a string of words – a curse that said Victor will become a mortal at age thirteen.  His parents are afraid of the curse and have Master Tyrus try to prepare him for the human world.  He teaches him “geography, history, social studies, practical and advanced magic, self defense, natural law, and human lifestyles.”  Before Victor’s thirteenth birthday, the Sun Orb is taken by Narcissa to FallenIsland, which is next to the human world.  When Victor turns thirteen and turns mortal because of the curse he is sent to the human world.  While he is there, he goes on a quest to retrieve the Sun Orb, which is his only chance of breaking the curse and going home to Solandia.  Will Victor survive the human world and get the Sun Orb?

I would recommend this book for readers 9 to12-years-old.  I would compare it to “Quasar and the Eye of the Serpent” by T. K. Reed, except with a longer and more complex quest.  Don’t be discouraged if you think the book is slow when you start reading it.  Amy Nielsen does a great job of building up the suspense more and more on every page as she describes Victor’s quest.  After the first few chapters you will not want to put it down. “Victor and the Sun Orb” by Amy Nielsen is a five-star, must-read for fantasy lovers.

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