“Veronica and the Volcano” by Geoffrey Cook

“Veronica and the Volcano” by Geoffrey Cook 150 150 Reader Views Kids


Geoffrey Cook
Violet Moon LLC (2017)
ISBN 9780692892008
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 9) for Reader Views (07/17)

In “Veronica and the Volcano” by Geoffrey Cook, you will enjoy a handful of experiences that will blow your imagination as you go through their journey to “Mount Mystery.”

Veronica is a normal ten-year-old girl who lives with her mom, dad, and sister Elyse, in a volcano close to Crater Lake. I liked that she has brown hair, like mine. She loves to wear pearls every day, even to bed, because her middle name is Pearl. She has a good friend named Maddy.

It was her mom’s birthday and Veronica wanted to get her some volcano pearls. She went to the only jewelry store around and an old man helped her. I thought he was a weird and scary person and a little funny in the things he said. No luck with him in having the pearls, but he did tell Veronica where she might be able to find them.

Meet Veronica and her parents and Lucky and Maddy, as they go through this exciting adventure, and discover with them all the surprises they found and the fun they had.

I loved “Veronica and the Volcano” very much. I liked all the fun things they do to live in a volcano.  They had so many exciting adventures – Babeltown, Minnehaha, the pirates, and so much more.  It was fun to learn new things about the earth with Veronica and the rest as they searched for the pearls. Join them and discover if they found what they were looking for.

I recommend this book to kids my age. I think that girls will really love this story, but anyone that loves volcanoes will also enjoy it. “Veronica and the Volcano” is a story full of everything – family, friendship, courage, and exciting adventures.  And the illustrations are great!

A note from mom:

“Veronica and the Volcano” by Geoffrey Cook is an excellent story that Paola could not stop reading. Her imagination was always active. I found the glossary on scientific terms very informative, and I personally loved the fact that the author wrote it based on the stories he told his girls on their 25 minute ride to school.

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