VeggieTales Veggie Values: A Board Book Collection By Zondervan

VeggieTales Veggie Values: A Board Book Collection By Zondervan 150 150 Reader Views Kids

VeggieTales Veggie Values: A Board Book Collection (Big Idea Books)
Zonderkidz (2010)
ISBN 9780310720386
Reviewed by Madison (age 4), Hailey (age 2) and Mom Schlarman for Reader Views (09/10)

In this board book collection children are taught everyday values through the “VeggieTales” vegetables!  There are four books in this collection that is priced at the cost of three books bought individually.  Children learn to listen when Larry learns the valuable lesson of opening his ears and listening to others who are trying to help.  They also learn to share through Junior and Laura who spend time together each month and share.  When a neighbor is hurt, Bob lends a helping hand.  Children learn to be helpful in this cute story of simple helping acts.  Finally, in “Peas and Thank you,” children are taught a valuable lesson in the art of manners and why they are important.  Each book brings the excitement of the “VeggieTales” with everyday lessons and values.

Here is what the girls had to say about each book.

“Bob Lends a Helping Hand”

Hailey:  “Can you help me?  She hurt herself and fall down.  She fall down and hurt herself.  They cleaned the doggy.  Cleaned all the flowers up.  He’s cleaning the floor.  He’s eating it.  They were helping!  It’s nice, yep!  God like it.”

Madison:   “Joe’s mom broke her left toe.  They were going to help her by cleaning the house.  He dusted, put the laundry away, fed the dog and made his bed.  Larry mopped the floor.  Bob raked the leaves and called on the cell phone.  You can eat out of a pan like the yellow potato.  The book is about helping!”

“Share the Year Together”

Hailey:   “Moon, moon, who’s that making a mess?  I can sled with you and paw paw.  They making a mess together.  They have an airplane and an umbrella.  It’s raining.  Pickin flowers, pickin flowers.  Reading all of them, books!”

Madison:   “They went sledding.  They cut hearts out.  They flew a kite.  Kapow, Kaboom!  Kapow, Kaboom!  Fireworks.  Share a sticky treat.  School starts and a pile of leaves to jump in them.  They sing songs.  The book is about share a special song for people to hear.”

“Larry Learns To Listen”

Madison:   “It’s so funny, the part where he makes it broken and the part where he makes his face turn blue.  Is Larry a green bean?  He learned to play his game with his friends.  He learned to listen.”

“Peas and Thank You”

Hailey:  “Who’s that? A pea and another pea and another pea. I wanna be a pea!”

Madison:  “It is about please and thank you.  The peas have a home.  Green beans are mean and rude.  Peas help and say please and thank you.  I would want to be none of them because I don’t like peas and green beans.  All the people will want to eat me.  I liked the books.”

Mom’s thoughts:

I enjoyed the colorful vivid illustrations and pictures in these books.  They are cute with a valuable lesson.  Hailey loved reading them over and over.  Madison did as well but she got caught up in the pictures and story more than the underlying message of the book.  I gave these books four stars because I think they are great but are lacking a little.  I really had to coax the girls and read these books a lot for them to understand what the book was trying to teach them.  I think they were a little too much fun for them and didn’t quite get the point across in a way that was directly obvious.  They love them and the more we read them and talk about them the more we understand.  They deserve every bit of the four stars.  I would suggest “VeggieTales Veggie Values” for children ages 2 -5.  They are a great value with a positive message and the kids loved them.

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