“Vandemere” by Kimberley D. Tait

“Vandemere” by Kimberley D. Tait 663 1024 Reader Views Kids


Kimberley D. Tait
Independently Published (2023)
ISBN: 978-1738090440
Reviewed by Kathy Stickles for Reader Views (01/2024)

“Vandemere” is the first book in the new Circ de Tarot Series by Kimberley D. Tait revolving around a trick rider in the circus, 17-year-old Vandemere Petruska. I was impressed by every aspect of this book from the excellent writing to the character development to the plot and I am sure that other readers will feel the same.

The main character of the story is a young man who is caught between two different worlds. As Vandy Davidson, he performs his trick riding in the circus where his father also performed before he abandoned Vandy and his mother. On the other side of the coin, there is Vandy Petruska, the son of his Romanian mother, who is trying to ignore the magic that has been passed down to him. Unfortunately for Vandy, it becomes apparent to the reader that this magic has a power over him that he will not be able to ignore or deny and it is starting to come after him. When his ancestors first came to America with their horses, they brought something very dangerous with them and now Vandy must come to terms with his magic ability or he will never be able to win over this invisible enemy that wants him dead.

Vandemere” is an excellent story that combines magic with the life of a young man who wants nothing more than to avoid it. As he attempts to live his life on his terms, Vandy is forced into many unwelcome situations that bring a lot of danger to him and his friends due to the darkness living inside him. By combining the present story with flashbacks into his family’s past, the author has woven an intricate tale that should not be missed.

Kimberley Tait is an excellent writer, which is very apparent as you turn the pages. The world built in this story is exciting and powerful. The descriptions of the lives of people in the circus are mesmerizing and accurate. The animals add so much to this story as we see the relationship that the main character has with the horses he rides. The character development in the story is exceptional and every single character is important to the story. From an old woman on a bus to the other circus people every single character is given a personality and background that we can see and learn from.

Vandy is a wonderful protagonist that the reader will come to care deeply for as we see him struggle to make sense of his past and his present. As the story ends, the author has set it up perfectly for a continuation. There are just enough questions left to make any reader want to see what happens to Vandy next. I would like to note that the story does contain some dark themes such as violence, sex, and language and if anyone is sensitive to such topics, this might be a book that you should pass on.

Vandemere” by Kimberley D. Tait is an excellent book that I would recommend to all. With vivid descriptions, wonderful characters, and an intricate storyline that will leave the reader wanting more, it is a story that will grab onto you from the first page and never let go. I am anxious to get started on reading the second book in the series. 5 Stars!!

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