“Vampire Boy” by Aric Cushing

“Vampire Boy” by Aric Cushing 150 150 Reader Views Kids

vampireboyVAMPIRE BOY

Aric Cushing
Grand & Archer (2016)
ISBN 9781929730049
Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 14) for Reader Views (10/16)

“Vampire Boy” by Aric Cushing is about a vampire named Alex living in a world of magic and monsters, separate from the world of humans. Alex, from the moment of his birth, is surrounded by a prophecy that states that he will one day be the only hope for saving both the world of men and monsters. In the meantime, Alex is sent to a school for mythical creatures where he will learn everything he can about the Dark World that he inhabits. At this school, he will meet and befriend many other creatures with whom he will have incredible adventures.

My favorite character is a gargoyle named Otis. Otis is strong and loyal throughout the book and one of Alex’s best friends. Otis is always eager and willing to help Alex during their adventures while also being an easy character to connect with. Each of the characters was distinct with unique personalities that made the book fun to read.

I would recommend “Vampire Boy” by Aric Cushing to all people who like fantasy and monsters. It was sometimes hard to keep track of all characters in the book but I still felt a certain connection with them. Overall, it was a fantastic read and I finished it in one very enjoyable session. I definitely look forward to reading the future books in this series!

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