“Unleash” by Daniele Clarke

“Unleash” by Daniele Clarke 683 1024 Reader Views Kids


Daniele Clarke
Ocean Reeve Publishing (2023)
ISBN:  978-1922757142
Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Reader Views (01/2024)

“Unleash: Free Your Mind, Live Fully, and Achieve Your Dreams” by Daniele Clarke explores the unique growing minds of pre-teens and teens currently growing up in today’s society. The book goes into very extensive detail on how parents can teach their children to properly navigate all the issues and problems life will throw at them.

It’s also meant as a book the youth/teen should read as well, to understand for themselves how to deal with the primitive anxieties associated with growing up. The author discusses what anxiety is, how to identify it, how to use it to one’s advantage, and details the parts of the mind responsible for anxious feelings. In essence, she speaks on how an adolescent, who will definitely experience difficulties in life, can utilize essential techniques to free their minds and fully achieve their dreams and happiness.

What a book! First, this book should be read by adults as well. I, like many others, suffer from the occasional anxious moment, but this book actually speaks in great detail about the mechanism in the brain that’s responsible for it, why it triggers anxiety, how to identify it, and how to control it. In addition, I could see an adolescent who has dreams of establishing a medical career in psychiatry or a mental health field getting a head start on their interest by reading this book.

“Unleash: Free Your Mind, Live Fully, and Achieve Your Dreams” by Daniele Clarke is amazing! I’m actually looking forward to practicing many of the approaches she has outlined and incorporating them into my life. This is very easy to read, very detailed, and includes pictures and graphs so one can record their progress.  You can even keep a written journal of your progress in the book.

Lastly, it’s obvious that the author has consulted with many professionals, as many of the stated messages and problem-solving techniques have been borne out through my own investigations. Yes, I’m the type that investigates important issues involving adolescents and adults! This is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED READING. 

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