“TwoSpells” by Mark Morrison

“TwoSpells” by Mark Morrison 150 150 Reader Views Kids


Mark Morrison
CreateSpace (2018)
ISBN 9781983962158
Reviewed by Autumn Stout (age 13) for Reader Views Kids (6/18)

“TwoSpells” by Mark Morrison introduces readers to Sarah and her twin brother Jon who are not your ordinary kids, but are heirs to a magical realm that is home to an enchanted library.

The story begins with a trip to their grandparent’s farmhouse where the twins will find out about their true birthright, but when they arrive all is not what it seems. There are gnomes in the garden that wink and wave when you walk by. A creepy and mysterious caretaker, who wants nothing to do with Sarah and Jon, has forbidden them from going into their grandparent’s cellar. It is only when Sarah and Jon begin investigating the farm that strange things start to happen.

They are visited by huge figures called the “Collectors,” who come looking for a missing text, a magical book that was taken by their grandparent’s years ago. The supernatural book comes from “TwoSpells,” an enchanted library where readers can travel to a second dimension and explore all the unusual creatures that live there. But there is an evil power that will stop at nothing to keep Sarah and her twin brother Jon from fulfilling their destiny.

I enjoyed reading “TwoSpells” by Mark Morrison. Right from the beginning I was wondering, “What will happen next?” The cover of “TwoSpells” gives a glimpse into a wondrous library where readers can experience the most amazing adventures in every book. The author has a great idea for a book but I wish that this story setting had been more about being in this amazing library like the picture on the cover promises readers. I liked the characters the author chooses for this story and the history behind who they are, but I would have liked to find out more about “TwoSpells”. I believe a book with that storyline would be a favorite to YA readers of books like “Fablehaven” and “The House of Secrets.”

I think “TwoSpells” by Mark Morrison has overwhelming potential to be a YA best seller, if it had more about this wondrous library, and all the amazing adventures that could be had there.

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