“Two Bulldozer Buddies” by Tatyana Kuprienko

“Two Bulldozer Buddies” by Tatyana Kuprienko 1000 1000 Reader Views Kids

Two Bulldozer Buddies

Tatyana Kuprienko
Independently Published (2023)
ISBN: 979-8987897119
Reviewed by Diana Coyle for Reader Views (10/2023)

Ron and Del, who are two bulldozing buddies, live in a garage in Alaska and do everything together in the children’s book, “Two Bulldozer Buddies” by Tatyana Kuprienko. Ron is a big, and very strong bulldozer, while Del is a small, but very quick one. They are the perfect team together, not only being best friends to each other but in past jobs where they have helped each other. They have moved rocks, logs, mud, and dirt to get jobs done all around where they live in Alaska.

One quiet day while they are spending time together, Del tells Ron that he wants to go on a new, exciting adventure with him. They aren’t sure what the adventure should be, though. Ironically, off in the tree line, they both see something strange. After seeing some dark and gloomy smoke, they move closer to the forest to see what is happening. To their shock, the forest is on fire. They both want to help, but they aren’t sure what they can do at first. Then they both come up with a great idea. They know what their next adventure will be. How do Ron and Del help fight the fire?

I absolutely loved this story for a few reasons. First, I loved how the author came up with two bulldozing buddies always looking for new adventures they can do together. This teaches children how to be friends with others. I also enjoyed reading that these two friends were actually bulldozers. This is a different spin on writing a buddy storyline and I feel it will appeal equally to boys and girls alike.

I also loved that the author showed how Ron and Del put their minds together to help the firefighters contain the fire so it wouldn’t consume any more of the surrounding forest. I felt this teaches children how to work with others doing teamwork and having them work at a common goal together to achieve a task that needs to get done. Plus, I liked that the bulldozers were brave enough to want to help fight the fire safely with the firefighters. I feel this promotes the concept that it takes strength and courage to work through the task at hand, even if you might be scared of something.

Still another wonderful reason was Ms. Kuprienko made both Ron and Del different sizes and different strengths, teaching children that it is okay to be different from one another and that your individuality helps strengthen a team to achieve their goals together. It teaches children that they all are unique and special from one another. It also helps promote great self-esteem in children at a young age.

I enjoyed reading “Two Bulldozer Buddies” by Tatyana Kuprienko and I honestly feel that a series could easily be written around Ron and Del. They are fun, loving characters that children can easily fall in love with, no matter if the reader is a boy or a girl. This story is written for ages 2-8 years, and I feel that is an appropriate age range for children to enjoy this story. As an adult reviewer, I easily fell in love with both Ron and Del. I also want to credit the illustrator, Kseniia Kudriavtseva. She created fun pictures that children can enjoy looking at while they are reading the book or having the book read to them. As she drew the pictures of the fire spreading across the forest, she did it in a non-threatening way that I feel won’t scare the children who are very young in the age bracket this book was created for. Overall, this was a fun book to read, and I feel it will be a great hit with younger children.

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