“‘Twas the Day of Christmas” by Johnny Marfia

“‘Twas the Day of Christmas” by Johnny Marfia 683 1024 Reader Views Kids

‘Twas the Day of Christmas 

Johnny Marfia
Marco and Me Publishing (2023)
ISBN: 979-8989515301
Reviewed by Kathy Stickles for Reader Views (12/2023)

Marco the Pomeranian is back in this adorable new book by Johnny Marfia called “Twas the Day of Christmas: Join Marco, Pet Pom Dog and Santa for the Holidays.” This is really a sweet story that transforms the “Twas the Night Before Christmas” poem into a new version for children to follow Marco on a new adventure that captures the spirit of Christmas. I am sure that all the children who read the story will laugh at Marco’s antics and feel his joy in the holiday.

The story opens on Christmas morning when Marco bounces from his bed and starts a journey through his home to see if Santa visited during the night and left him any presents. Following Marco from room to room in his house as he attempts to pick up clues about Santa’s visit is just so much fun. This little dog’s confusion and sadness as he finds an empty kitchen and a fireplace with only ashes in it is so cute. He tries so very hard to pick up any sign or smell that might show him Santa had been there. Is Marco successful in finding his present or doomed to disappointment?  For that, you will have to check out the story and I recommend that you do just that.

Johnny Marfia has again given children (not to mention the adults reading to them) a delightful tale wrapped around this sweet little dog, and it is one that I feel will be enjoyed for many years as a childhood holiday favorite I am sure. The author has done a wonderful job in transforming this poem to fit in with Marco’s little mystery and it is going to make everyone smile. It is well-written, and Marco is just a great character. The reader will actually care about him and be reading the clues right along with him, hoping for his success in finding Christmas goodies.

One thing that really pulls together the whole story is the amazing illustrations by Jeffery Brooks. They are bright and fun and full of such wonderful facial expressions on the little dog. I especially liked the fact that, with a few of the illustrations, it looks like actual photographs of Marco and his owners are mixed in with the drawings. I thought that was a very creative idea. I honestly felt like a little kid while reading the book and looking at the pictures, and I think that is a great compliment to both author and illustrator.

“‘Twas the Day of Christmas” by Johnny Marfia should be on every parent’s list as a perfect book to read to their child during the holiday season or really, anytime at all. It is so endearing and will remind all of us of the simple joys of the season. This is a book that should be on every shelf as it will bring such joy to young and old alike. I cannot wait to see what Marco gets up to next.

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