“Trisomy XXI” by G.A. Minton

“Trisomy XXI” by G.A. Minton 150 150 Reader Views Kids

trisomyxxiTRISOMY XXI

G.A. Minton
World Castle Publishing (2016)
ISBN 9781629894447
Reviewed by Chris Kyle (age 16) for Reader Views (11/16)

“Trisomy XXI” by G.A. Minton is about aliens that play a bizarre and utterly playful part in this book about a boy named Joshua who has Down syndrome or Trisomy XXI and is changed by an injection whilst in the hospital. A string of bizarre, unexplained deaths in the town that may have been caused by Joshua’s inner mind, and the arrival of aliens in the town made for a whirlwind ride full of fun and adventurous parts that helped the inner story.

The author’s writing is intriguing and a great asset, as he used powerful words and his writing style to get his points across somewhat smoothly. I felt like there were little parts or bumps where the storyline went off track, but the author just went with the flow. The book is generally for people interested in mystery, science fiction, and horror, primarily young adults, and for ages 15 and up.

My personal experience related to the topic is that I have a cousin with Down syndrome. He doesn’t suffer with it but folds it into his life, as it is a way of living. He never lets it get him down in life, no matter what he is going through, like bullying, hurt, etc. Joshua went through tons of struggles and I see my cousin go through them as well. But just like Joshua, he lives through them. My personal favorite part is that Joshua not only deals with what he’s going through but also is still a good role model, even after his change from the injection. Joshua was a great character that I could relate to as a family member.

I enjoyed “Trisomy XXI” by G.A. Minton and I hope to read more of his novels in the future as they portray a great writing style.

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