Trent the Racing Turtle by Bill Franklin

Trent the Racing Turtle by Bill Franklin 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Trent the Racing Turtle
Bill Franklin
BookSurge (2007)
ISBN 9781419679940
Reviewed by Matthew Feliciano (age 8) for Reader Views (10/08)


“Trent the Racing Turtle” is about a turtle named Trent who has wheels instead of feet.  He likes the wheels because he can go really fast.  He has two best friends that he has all sorts of adventures with; they are Jesse and Mina.  One day, Jesse got Trent into a race against Vane, an evil treasure hunter.  He was also the commander of the Scorchies, who are little red creatures who do not listen very well (just like me!).  The winner of the race gets the golden Isols statue.

Mina’s uncle once worked with Vane and knew that one day Vane would find the third Isols statue.  If Vane won the race, he would melt all of the gold and make himself more jewelry.  He was trying to get rid of Trent so that Trent couldn’t race by having the Scorchies build a monstrous racing machine.  Mina’s uncle told stories to help give them guidance.

Trent won the race and saved everyone from the bad guy.  The end of the book made me look forward to more books with these characters.  The only two things that need to be fixed a little is the way the book is typed because it doesn’t look like a real book. It looks like something just printed off a computer.  There is no space when a new chapter starts.  Also, the cover is cute but it looks like it could be for a little kid’s book and this is a book for big kids.

I liked “Trent the Racing Turtle,” by Bill Franklin, a lot and Trent and his wheels were fun to read about.

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