“Transfer” by Lexi Cook

“Transfer” by Lexi Cook 640 1024 Reader Views Kids


Lexi Cook
Independently Published (2023)
ISBN:  979-8986071022
Reviewed by Megan Weiss for Reader Views (01/2024)

“Transfer” by Lexi Cook is a tale about a dying world.  Food is scarce.  Crops fail to thrive as they should.  Life for Creed has become solely about survival.  He traverses the wilderness around his home praying he will find sustenance not only to provide for his family but for his whole community.  The only one left to care for his pregnant mother, and desperate to engender a better world for his unborn sibling, he undertakes a mission to travel to Bernaf in search of the feared Bane Witch.  She is believed to be the reason behind the dying world, and he intends to make her pay.  Rue, meanwhile, is the only known individual to have a full pentagon, or five lines, of magic.  Exploited by a mentor and council at her famed new school, she is forced to realize that what she once dreamed of goes against everything she believes.  Two young people must fight against their own fears, the greed of a corrupt society, and a world that might be failing too fast for them to save.

“Transfer” is book one of the Pentagon Saga and has a cool and unique premise.  I feel like we get a lot of the same tropes in fantasy stories about magic, but Cook’s presentation shows us a world where there are only a select few kinds of magic a person can possess.  It is a relatable world, though imagined, where those with power fall prey to their own greed and selfish natures, taking advantage of those they feel are “lesser” than themselves, whether it be in magic power, intelligence, or social status.  The world-building was also fantastic. 

I wish we could have seen more of the development of Rue and Creed’s relationship in the book, however.  One moment Creed is hunting her down to kill her, essentially, and the next he is sleeping in the castle with her and deciding to be her apprentice.  I feel like I missed out on seeing Creed’s maturity grow as he learned to let go of his former hatred and prejudice against who he had thought was the evil Bane Witch. He discovers she is a young woman about his age who is just as much a victim as everyone else.

I also would have preferred an early indication that Creed’s and Rue’s chapters were not happening at the same time.  This may have been done purposefully, but it was distracting and created some confusion. 

Overall, I did find the book quite enjoyable, and I think it will fit well within its targeted audience of teens/young adults.  Lexi Cook definitely has a bright future, and I think she will find a wonderful place for herself in the fantasy genre!  “Transfer” is a good start.

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