Toot & Puddle: Let it Snow by Holly Hobbie

Toot & Puddle: Let it Snow by Holly Hobbie 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Toot & Puddle: Let it Snow
Holly Hobbie
Little, Brown Young Readers (2007)
ISBN 9780316166867
Reviewed by Avery Connett (age 6) and mother Erin Flynn for Reader Views (1/08)


This is yet another book in a series featuring piggy friends Toot and Puddle.  One is a contented homemaker and the other lives for adventure, yet, together they work because of the love they have for each other.

The point of this book is wonderful: How to choose the perfect present for someone you love.  In this case, it’s Christmas and four round cut-outs of sweet illustrations are provided at the back of the book to make your own decorations.  That is another point of the book– that homemade, thoughtful gifts are best.  As Toot says, “He knew that the best present was usually something you made yourself, a one-of-kind thingamajig, not just a whatsit anyone could buy in a store.”  We can all use that reminder.

Six-year-old Avery liked the book because, “the story was about Christmas and making your own presents.”  She added that “the pictures are funny and have lots of color. I like the pigs because the pigs are always doing something new in each of the pictures.”  The illustrations are delightful for all ages.  The pigs are simple, watercolor (?) illustrations that are expressive and warm.  And just as each photo tends to feature both pigs, the story line tends to focus upon the friends caring for each other in their own special way.  It’s touching, simple and effective.  (However, it is the kind of book that younger kids need read to them as there are words like “suppress” which may elude the first-grade set.)

We heartily recommend “Toot & Puddle: Let it Snow” for conveying the importance of friendship and gift giving throughout the year.

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