Today is Monday in Texas By Johnette Downing

Today is Monday in Texas By Johnette Downing 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Today is Monday in Texas
Johnette Downing
Pelican Publishing (2010)
ISBN 9781589807013
Reviewed by Grayce Richardson (almost age 6) for Reader Views (03/10)

Grayce:  “I like that the illustrations are by the artist who did “Chef Creole.” The illustrations are beautiful. It’s a creative book. Kids who are younger than me, like four-years-old, would like it too…and babies would like it as a singing song.”

Parent’s Comments:

Days of the week are such a big part of children’s lives – helping them remember school days, vacation with parents and birthdays. “Today is Monday in Texas” by Johnette Downing is a delightful and original way to think of the days of the week. With “Chef Creole” gracing our shelves (the illustrator did both books), Grayce quickly recognized that the delightful depictions of children were original and in the form of mixed media (fabric, paper, drawing). The only improvement I would make is providing a music CD for parents who can’t read sheet music.

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