timezeroTIME ZERO

Carolyn Cohagan
She Writes Press (2016)
ISBN 9781631520723
Reviewed by Chris Kyle (age 16) for Reader Views (11/16)

Upon observing “Time Zero” by Carolyn Cohagan, I was astonished and pulled in by the cover as well as the synopsis. The reviews on the back of the book also allowed me a “foot in” and a sneak peek as to what I was initially getting into.

The author’s main plot revolves around a girl named Mina Clark, and the observation and identification of the different lifestyles of girls around the world, portrayed through Mina’s experiences, ways such as arranged marriages or not being allowed to go out without a man, etc. Mina thrived and survived through the challenges and then faced a much greater bump in the road that brought light to what she can really do, knowing how to read, and being in control of what she can do. The author was very successful in carrying out her purpose by pulling in and demonstrating real life instances. Cohagan is a wonderful author and storyteller, providing imagery in her stories and just simply letting the story flow, never repeating the same stuff as she always has more to tell.

The book seems best suited primarily for young adults interested in adventure, as well as what’s going on in this world. I would recommend it to all orientations and genders, as well as readers age 14 and up, as there are extremist standpoints and such correlated into a story that a younger audience might not understand. I felt as if I was a part in the story, in Mina’s shoes as she struggled through what she went through in her life. Cohagan had a great story line and topic and did a splendid job writing and making it come to life. I enjoyed every part, except for the way they treated the women in the novel.

I gave “Time Zero” a 5-star rating, not only because Carolyn Cohagan is a great novelist, but because the storyline was great as well. I really enjoyed the book and will definitely read it again as she has a wonderful writing style. Mina wasn’t “just” a girl in this novel, but a girl that never gave up, no matter the situation.

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