Time for Bed Bible Stories
Juliet David
Candle Books (2010)
ISBN 9781859857786
Reviewed by Cayden Aures (age 5 ½) and Mom for Reader Views (05/10)

Cayden:  “I liked that there were lots of different stories in this book. There were tons of them!  There was one about a giant and there was one about lions too.  I knew most of the stories from school.  My favorite story was ‘Noah Builds an Ark’ – that one was the first story in the book.  I liked the pictures in the book.  They were very colorful.  My favorite picture was in the Noah’s Ark story when there were two of every animal and there was a rainbow.”

Parent’s comments:

“Time for Bed Bible Stories” was a wonderful compilation of stories written in a manner that children could easily understand them.  The pictures were bright and vibrant and enjoyable to look at.  Each story is the perfect length for a bedtime story!

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