Tim: Defender of Earth by Sam Enthoven

Tim: Defender of Earth by Sam Enthoven 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Tim: Defender of Earth
Sam Enthoven
Razor Bill (2008)
ISBN 9781595141842
Reviewed by Dylan James (age 11) for Reader Views (3/08)


If Tim sits in his cage his whole life, he could well end up as Tim: Destroyer of Earth. But if he breaks out in defiance, he might be able to beat the swarm of deadly Nanobots and their psychotic creator. It wouldn’t be that hard to decide except that he’s just dead lazy. So it looks like it might be up to Chris. Desperately trying to be cool, Chris doesn’t want to have a weird bracelet stuck on his wrist, doesn’t want to have to work with a weird girl, and definitely doesn’t want to risk his newfound coolness and help Tim by stripping to his boxers on television! But he may have to do all that if the Nanobots can’t be stopped…

I really liked “Tim: Defender of Earth.” I think boys and girls will like this equally because the main characters feature a no-nonsense girl and a kind of cool boy. It is a little violent at times but just enough to get the point across, nowhere near excessive violence. I actually think “Tim: Defender of Earth” would be a better book if it had one or two more battles though, because most teens and preteens like a little more action than it has right now.

The main thing I like about this book is the way it can make sense and have a gripping and awesome storyline without hardly any violence.  There are some people that might be a little bit bored with this book; this could be helped by adding a little bit more action.  Because there is not much violence, hardly any sensuality, and a great storyline, I think “Tim: Defender of Earth” will be fine for, and loved by, anyone age 11+.

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