This is the Feast by Diane Z. Shore

This is the Feast by Diane Z. Shore 150 150 Reader Views Kids

This is the Feast
Diane Z. Shore
HarperCollins (2008)
ISBN 9780066237947
Reviewed by Cayden Aures (age 4) and Mom for Reader Views (12/08)


“This is the Feast” is the story of the first Thanksgiving.  The book begins with the Pilgrims aboard the Mayflower, struggling, and unsure of what lies ahead.  They arrive in America and with the help of the Indians they survive the first year.  With their bountiful harvest they hold a three-day celebration, called Thanksgiving.

Cayden:  “I learned about Thanksgiving and Pilgrims in school.  I didn’t like when they were on the big boat with the sails because it stormed and they got sick.  I liked when they planted food and the Indians helped them.  They had weird things to eat for Thanksgiving though like fish and cheese and lobsters!”

Parent’s comments:
Cayden had just learned about Thanksgiving in school so “This is the Feast” was a great tool for reinforcing and building upon what he already knew.  The history lesson is presented in a lyrical verse form and the illustrations are excellent at portraying the hardships that the Pilgrims faced.  “This is the Feast” by Diane Z. Shore is a great educational reference and one of the best children’s books about the Thanksgiving holiday that I have read.

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